Start a Real-Time problem-solving platform at City level

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What is the government in my area currently doing?

Nowadays, the issues & problems at the city level are increasing at such a level, it's getting difficult to address them properly. Most of the time they are not even addressed & only hollow promises are delivered in the name of ongoing work.

Is trash being dumped on the road in your locality?
Is your locality filled with potholes?
Are majority of the street lamps in your area dysfunctional?
Are vehicles illegally parked near your area?
Were you promised free wifi spots in your area but nothing is happening?
Are hawkers occupying the majority of the roads that it becomes difficult to even walk?

How to know if these issues are being addressed? What is the government in my area doing until the next elections? Does anything in my area even change or is still the old area with the same old issues?

We, as responsible citizens, want to know what problems are being currently addressed in our area & what is the actual progress of this said issue. But there is no platform or process available which is easy enough to let us do that.

So, I propose a simple yet effective framework of a system which would let us, the public, be aware of the things which are addressed in real-time. This can effectively enable us to question & decide whether to support the current government in the future.

  • So, to begin with, a list of problems and issues prevalent in our city/neighbourhood will be gathered. This list will include all the problems the citizens face, which can be solved physically, in a specified timeline.
  • This list will then be made public & displayed on a website. This website will specifically host only such issues.
  • Then the citizens of that city/neighbourhood will vote on those problems which they want to be solved with priority. The voting will ensure that a top 10 list is generated & the most important issues are addressed first. The rest of the issues will be addressed later.
  • Then comes the important part. This list of top-10 issues should be displayed on a digital board in the centre of the neighbourhood (anywhere suitable) so that everyone in the locality will be aware of the status of the issues being addressed in their area. 
  • This billboard will be the real-time progress bar for everyone. It will also show a deadline for every issue being addressed & ensure that the citizens know every issue is addressed promptly.
  • As soon as the issues are addressed, photographs of the site where the issue was solved will be displayed for a day or two so that citizens would know that the work is done.
  • After that, the next 10 issues will be displayed and the same process begins until all the issues are addressed (which, if I'm being honest, will be difficult)

It's a simple system which doesn't require extraordinary efforts to establish and it solves the simplest of the issues - What is my government doing?