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Save Waldhuni river from Piosionious chemicals discharge

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Dear Sir/SWe, the undersigned citizens on the banks of *waldhuni river [tributary of Ulhas river ]* bring to your kind notice that, everyday there discharge of foul smell from walduni river, There is heavy breathlessness and citizens become victim to this toxic every night..This act of discharging chemical waste in river is a big crime.We thousands of residents/citzens frequently get the strong chemical smell in the atmosphere regularly. Number of complaints have been made to various department time to time, since years, but the issue is not resolved and our life is in danger due to negligence of duties. Every department/concerned responsible officers, have failed to resolve the issue. This waldhuni once a river now converted to most polluted Nalla due to dumping of untreated waste water by industries at Ambarnarh and Ulhasnagar and sewage and nallas of untreated water by civic bodies of badlapur Ambarnath and Ulhasnagar have created health hazards for the residents on both sides of waldhuni river. Further in already polluted Nalla when huge quantity of piosonious chemicals are released it becomes unbearable to live in residential area and difficult even to breath .This is to request you to please investigate the matter on priority without wasting further time and resolve the issue once for all. You will be responsible for any accident or casualty if will happen in the area and for any unrest in the citizens of the said area.Air Pollution is very serious issue, and should not be dealt to causally. Person can definately survive, without food and water for few days but not even for minutes without air.Breathing fresh and pure Air is fundamental right of the citizens of the country and if the authorities fail to provide them its abolutely violation of *Article 21.“Right to live is a fundamental right under Art 21 of the Constitution and it includes the right of enjoyment of pollution free water and air for full enjoyment of life.* If anything endangers or impairs that quality of life in derogation of laws, a citizen has right to have recourse to Art.32 of the Constitution for removing the pollution of water or air which may be detrimental to the quality of life. *” The “Right to Life”* under Article 21 means a life of dignity to live in a proper environment free from the dangers of diseases and infection. Maintenance of health, preservation of the sanitation and environment have been held to fall within the purview of Article 21 as it adversely affects the life of the citizens and it amounts to slow poisoning and reducing the life of the citizens because of the hazards created if not checked.So, we blame concerned authorities from MPCB, UMC and Police, for not checking it in the past and have not control over the Pollution of walduni/Ulhas river. Also we cannot rule out the role *Ulhasnagar Municpal Corporation along with KDMC and Ambernath Municpal Corporation and Badlapur Municipal Corporation.*To conclude with, 1) we request you all, the above mentioned authorities, to take stern and immediate action, to eradicate the problem and rejuvenate the river. 2) Immediate steps to curb Water and Air Pollution of Walduni/Ulhas River, should be implemented.Hope to get a favourable response at the earliest.Regards,
*Affected Citizens, Ulhasnagar*

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