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Petition to:

Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra,

Shree Devendra Fadnavis.


Empress Garden, Pune dates back to 1838, when it was spread over 55 acres, home to some of the oldest and rare species of trees. Over the years, various Governments handed over bits and pieces of it to other organisations and now only 38 acres of the precious Garden are left.

Various petitions in the past were heard approved by the Govt. and land aquisitions stopped, one of them being 28 acres of Empress Garden to be handed over to the Turf Club.

Hopefully, we can make our voice heard once again to stop 10 acres of theEmpress Garden being alloted for construction purpose. Pune will slowly become a concrete jungle and as polluted as Delhi if we strangle its green oxygen belt.

Also, in order to stop any further aquisistions for Empress Garden, it should be made a World Heritage Site.

Request the Public viewers to please sign this petition to save Empress Garden, Pune, and request the Hon. Chief Minister to reconsider handing over of 10 acres for construction.