Safe and Pothole Free Road

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Every year more than 10000 people are loosing their life in Road Accident. Potholes and Negligence in safety measures are highly responsible for maximum accident. 

Most if the Roads in Mumbai are in bad condition and has sequence of potholes. But the department like PWD, MSRDC, BMC, CIDCO, PCMC have completely failed to give safe and secure road to the people. These authorities start the maintenance just before monsoon, which is nothing but the way to fool the people. Few years back Mumbai was known for good rain, but now Mumbai is known for the potholes and road accidents in monsoon. Maximum roads in Mumbai are in the worst condition after initial rain only. Potholes on the Road is showing the actual efficiency of Departments and Corporation. 

On Sion Panvel Highway, As per my RTI more than 100 people have lost their life and more than 250 accidents have taken place in two years. Just in stretch of 18 kms. And this highest in all the highways in such short distance of 18 kms. The reason is same. This Road has become a horror highway with sequence of Potholes, No Street Light, No safety signboards, No fencing and signboards at the Median. PWD has constructed this Road 4 years back but still lot of work is pending. Left turn from kamothe is not yet completed, more than 1 lakh public are suffering because of this lazy approach. There is sequence of potholes that too very big at Vashi, Juinagar and Kopara which has become really dangerous especially for bikers. Many Travellers have met accident and lost their life due to potholes. But no concrete action has been taken this year to maintain the road and its lying in worst condition. I dunno what type of maintenance PWD is doing on this road. Although They are collecting tolls from commercial vehicles. 

This year in initial monsoon only we can see that maximum roads are water logged whether it’s highway or inside the city. Maximum roads in "Panvel Corporation" is full of Potholes and maximum low line areas are water logged after small Rain only. Neither CIDCO not Panvel Municipal Corporation has any intention to work for the welfare. Both are busy in blame game. CIDCO and Corporation have not done the drainage cleaning properly and this has resulted in water logging at all the places.

Kalamboli is the worst affected area in Whole Panvel Corporation. Most of the Roads of Kalamboli are either water logged or Broken but Neither politicians nor corporation is ready to take responsibility.

in 2017, One lady Shilpa Puri Lost her life in Kharghar as she skid from her scooty and cane coming from backside went above her. It was clear from the cctv that she skidded due to Potholes but CIDCO has no regret and no pressure of that because Police never file case on Government agencies. This is really a unfortunate face of our system. We can see huge number of Potholes in maximum Roads of kharghar this year too. 

Potholes maintenance have become the regular business of contractors and I think your officers are enjoying the potholes maintenance too. But because of this greed people are loosing their life and suffering everyday. Just before monsoon authorities start their work which is not of any use. Its the game of corruption where contractor and authorities both loot so much money in fake maintenance.

Many Roads in Mumbai and outside like Sion Panvel Highway, Kalyan Bhiwandi Road, Wgerous road. Many accidents are taking place. In 2017, many people died in Monsoon estern Express Highway and many internal Roads have turned into extremely danbecause of Potholes but no lesson learned. This year again the situation is same. We are not able to understand the intention of Government on This. 

 We are not paying taxes to enjoy your ministers and officers, we are paying for safety, Roads and development of country. So, I will request to take appropriate action before common public take action against administration. 

Navi Mumbai is suffering from Huge traffic jam and only responsible agency is PWD. Who has completely failed to maintain the Road. 

As well as poor work of Mep at belapur bridge has led the road blockage from belapur to Kharghar, although they are collecting huge amount of rupees in toll. 

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