Protect the life of senior citizens & make them feel safe before it's too late

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My grandfather is 80 years old. He has four sons and two daughters. Three of his sons moved abroad leaving their parents back in India. They are living a happy life abroad and don't care about their parents. My grandfather and grandmother are highly diabetic, have high blood pressure and also suffer from arthritis. Whatever my grandfather had earned was spent on educating his children and at the end all that he has currently is 2 BHK flat in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Seeing that my grandfather is old and vulnerable, my uncle (his son) entered our house which is a joint property of my mother and grandmother. My uncle pleaded my grandparents to let him and his family stay at their house because he is going through a financial crunch and has no money left for rent. He said that he will contribute in utility bills and help my grandparents. My grandparents got emotional and agreed to let him stay at their house.

Few months passed by and the utility bills got doubled. My uncle refused to pay and started bullying my grandfather. My grandfather kept asking him for money as my grandfather has limited source of income but my uncle paid no heed. Finally left with no choice, my grandfather approached Senior Citizen's tribunal and fortunately the verdict was in my grandfather's favor. Tribunal asked my uncle to vacate the house in 30 days. But my uncle refused to leave the house and challenged the order in Bombay High Court.

No one is there to support my grandfather. Being 80 years old it is so difficult for him to travel to Bombay High Court from Goregaon (W). Whatever money my grandfather gets, it is spent on his medicines. My grandfather is completely helpless. My uncle, his wife and their two kids (adult) are physically abusing my grandparents and my mother for property. They verbally abuse them too. There is no one to take a stand for them. We have complained to the police multiple times but all they just do is write an NC. 

Anything can happen to my grandfather as my uncle and his kids have threatened to kill him. My uncle's lawyer says that as per Maintenance and Welfare of Senior Citizens (MWPSC) Act, 2007, the tribunal can't give the order of eviction to children. Court stated that other states like Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and city like Delhi have used this act before to evict abusive children but the same has never happened in Maharashtra and we're asked to justify our stance. How can the rules be different for different states when it's to do with the protection of senior citizens' lives? As per MWPSC 2007 act, it is up to to the state governments to frame rules to protect the life and property of senior citizens. How can a state decide that abusive children should stay at their parent's house? In this way, did my grandfather make a mistake by living in Mumbai and not in Delhi? There are abusive children everywhere. Will the court take responsibility if my grandfather gets killed or die because of the trauma he is going through? My grandfather has lost a lot of weight and is unable to walk properly because of arthritis. He doesn't eat food and is severely ill.

Please help me by signing this petition so that our senior citizens feel safe and have their property protected from evil children. I want Maharashtra Government and Bombay High Court to prioritize senior citizen's safety and protect their hard-earned property. Abusive Children should be evicted by law and there should be no compromise on this issue. Like Delhi High Court said, "Children can only stay at their parent's house till the time they enjoy their parents' goodwill".  It is questionable why my uncle's writ petition was even accepted by the Bombay High Court despite several other states giving the order of eviction to abusive children for safeguarding senior citizens.

My grandfather has been a self-made and always lived his life with dignity. Please allow him to die peacefully and naturally. If my uncle and his family continues the physical and verbal abuse, my grandfather will die soon. Today it's my grandparents, tomorrow it can be yours. Please act upon this before it's too late.

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