Order the cleanup of Private Properties being used as Swine Flu Factories!!

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Some people have private properties being used as a trash dump. Trash spanning across biodegradable waste like waste food items of hotels or non biodegradable waste like thermacol, plastic etc in humongous quantity. The problem with this is especially in the monsoon season (As you can see the photos above) it creates an ecosystem which dwells in it malaria dengue chikungunya swine flu and other such infectious diseases which cause harm to the human population living around it. Other than that its a pathetic scene with horrible smell coming from it of waste food and sometimes dead rats. In monsoons its a hub of activity with mosquitoes their eggs frogs etc and breeding with such insecticides which later harm us.

Now the major problem is that since its a private property we cannot go around ordering the owner that you need to clean up because looking at the condition of his land it is obvious that he does not care a bit. It is up-to us now. Only we can be the change to affect the change around us.

I request all people who view my petition to think for a moment about this problem. Think about it very carefully because it affects us all in the four monsoon months every year. How many ever precautions we take against such diseases because of such people all are effort is over ridden. There is no point saying as it comes in the newspaper before every monsoon that don't leave stagnant water its a breeding ground for mosquitoes if there is one right next door!!!

For example there is a private property in Aundh, Pune on Sarja road beside Croma mall. It illustrates all problems mentioned above.

In the very end i would like to request everyone to sign my petition so that we force the government to take notice of our cause.

So I request Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Shri Anil Shirole, Smt Mukta Tilak and Smt Archana Musale to consider our issue and order immediate cleanup of such private properties.