No Fire Station, No Public Swimming Pool & Commercialisation of Priyadarshini Park.

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No Fire Station, No Public Swimming Pool & Commercialisation of Priyadarshini Park.

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Started by Priyadarshini Park

Shri Devendra Fadnavis,
Hon’ble Chief Minister,  
Government of Maharashtra 

Public Appeal:
D.P. Plan 2014-2034 

1. No Fire Station, No Public Swimming Pool at Priyadarshini Park.
2. No Commercial Centre at PWD Land at Nepeansea Road

Respected Sir,

This Appeal is by us and on behalf of Citizens of Mumbai, Priyadarshini Park Walkers, Sportsmen and Priyadarshini Lovers. We beg to submit as follows:

D.P. Plan 2014-2034:

1. The Draft Development Plan (Draft D.P. Plan) 2014-2034 is now for Final consideration of Government of Maharashtra of which you are the Hon’ble Chief Minister.

2. In the Development Plan 1991-2011 there was in law was no Reservation of Fire Station on Priyadarshini Park as per Govt. of Maharashtra directives dated 6th July 1991 and dated 25th August 1993 which are binding to B.M.C. The High Court has issued injunction against B.M.C. which is pending! The Law Officer in letter dated 4th December, 2012 has stated as follows: 

“It is also learnt from the legal department that the matter is still subjudice. Interim orders are continued and B.M.C. cannot take over the possession during the pendency of writ petition in the High Court and issue of construction of fire station has still remained undecided”.


3. Both under C.R.Z. 1991 and 2011 Priyadarshini Park and adjoining P.W.D. land are in CRZ-I. Hence no construction can be done thereon. Please see M.O.E.F. order dated 9th July 2007 and letter dated 6th October 2015 from B.M.C. to M.C.Z.M.A. 

4. It is shocking that the draft Development Plan 2014 – 2034 shows Fire Station and Government Office on Priyadarshini Park. We bring it to your notice that both P.D.P. and P.W.D. lands are Reclaimed Lands, Open Space and C.R.Z.-I. Hence no construction can be done thereon.

5. In the affidavit filed by Maharashtra State Road Corporation (M.S.R.D.C.) in the Bombay High Court has stated that they want to have Commercial Centre at the adjoining P.W.D. plot. B.M.C. has also plans for constructing Public Swimming Pool at P.D.P. and even had issued Tender Notice 

6. As per G.R. No. LBL.2579/6158/08 dated 14th April 1980, it was directed as follows:

“5. The Public Works and Housing Department should take energetic and effective steps to got  vacated the land in its charge and the land occupied by the contractor’s machinery early” Instead, Government wants to construct Commercial Centre.

Fire Station be next to Parsi Cemetery Grounds atop Malabar Hill:

7. In the draft Development Plan 2014 - 2034 published in 2015 Planning Committee headed by world renowned Urban Town Planner Shri Vidyadhar Phatak had rightly shown fire station reservation next to Parsi Cemetery. This is the most suitable place for Fire Station. It also provided for residential quarters for fire men. 

8. The Firestation is a must, but not on PDP or PWD land!!! 

Constitutional Mandate to Govt. and B.M.C.:

9. Under the Constitution of India it is the duty of the B.M.C. and Government to preserve playgrounds, parks and sports. 

10. We request you to give us personal hearing before the final decision is taken. 

11. Respected Hon. Chief Minister, we request you to treat the Open Space from Petit Hall to Embassy Apartment as as an open space in C.R.Z.-I and let the entire area be developed as a Park and Sports Complex (Blending Sports with Nature)" 

Wishing you Roses, Roses, Roses all the way in the service of the State of Maharashtra and the Nation!

With Best Regards and Best Wishes,

Yours sincerely, 

Kantibhai Shah
Priyadarshini Pariwar

Kishor Kuvawala
Priyadarshini Laughter Club

Bharatbhai Agrawal
Priyadarshini Walker Group

Bittu Sahgal

Kishan Jadhav
Vice President
Malabar Hill Citizens’ Forum

Petition Closed

This petition had 442 supporters

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