Make E Way Intra State Bill Exempted upto 50 km In Maharashtra.

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Respected Sir/Madam,

In maharashtra state the intra state e way bill effect from 25th may 2018. In this there is no boundaries or exemption , every one has to create intra state e way bill where goods is transported on motorised vehicle,worth more than 50,000 rs and from 0km to 100km ,200km whatever it may be. wheather if citizen buy goods than also its compulsory to generate e way bill if exceeds 50,000rs.

My name is khilan Rajnikant savla , i am from powerloom sector, Textile sector is one of most employment giving sector in india, its backbone of india`s GDP,  textile is big industry it includes process house, sizing units, powerloom, auto looms, non woven, industrial textiles, geo textiles etc due to this policy of 0 km, we all are facing problem as every businesses will effect as every industry will be effected, specially textiles which is 70% unorganised sector like this there are local transporters also in same problem. In maharashtra bhiwandi, ichalkaranji and malegaon textiles and transport both are important sector, and revenue generating is also getting high as india`s cloth more than 60-70% is manufactured in all this cities and local transport is also main businesses.

In all this cities job work is done on large scales, and there are number of weavers and local transporters who are unregistered persons, who do work in very small way like 24 loom, 48 loom users are more in bhiwandi and orther cities. and local transporters they just have turnover max upto 5lakh. so the list of unregisterd person is high in all this textile cities. Due to this people will left businesses as this will like to give more time for computers and less time for work, and for all this manpower will also be hired which cannot effort by all , only big firms can effort it. and uneducated person might have to leave business as he cant handle things like this . small weavers who some how runs business by themselves only, how he will manage if his goods are going for job work to more than 5-6 persons and every jobworkers have this problem because they do themselves all work, local transporters are mostly uneducated persons who dont know how to save mobile number in phone. They are from mostly orther state who himself only drives and earn some money. How they will generate e way bill if weaver is unregistered person. because E way bill rule says that if consignee and consignor both are unregistered than transporter have to generate e way bill . Eg if supposed A person sends goods to B person for warping than work done again B person will send goods to C person for weaving than again C person will send goods to A person or will send to D person for dyeing process than again D person will send goods to A person as he was main supplier of goods, later goods will send to sell. and maximum goods exceed 50,000 rs normally as one beam roll is 20,000 and cloth price for 100 meter will be easily 3000 to 5000 easily. In local transports more than 10 beam is send and 100 pcs of cloth is transported. and how local transporter will generate E way bill if weaver is unregistered . We wont be able to go out for holiday or for some work also as for small work we have to be there in office to generate E way bill intra state.

There are many situation like this which weavers, process units, sizing units and local transport cant handle one goods will transport to several times only for upgrading goods process, by this government will not having any revenue it will just effect business time line, because if no e way bill generate goods will not be send, and people will just busy in computer only and it will also effect local transporters. it feels handcuff to small business men. During assessment the problem will arised if the person forgot to generate e way bill, than person will liable to pay penalty for those whoes e-way bill is not generated for challan. And government have also declared bhiwandi will developed Asia biggest logistic hub. but how, for small works also e way bill is necessary than for small companies can`t effort it.  

People will get ready, only if permission will be given that upto 50 km distance from point of transporter registered office there is no need of intra state e way bill. by this people will feel free and everybody can do business fearlessly , local transporters will also get big sign of relief , whoes money earning is depended upon textiles. Due to demonitization also textiles was worst hit as it was most unorganised sector in india. we all have welcome GST as it have did some organised work of flow in all sector, we do understand that government is doing to stop leakages of taxes and also it will stop robbery, illegal activities etc. as its for people benefits too.

We asked to CM Devendra Fadnavis ji and FM Sudhir Mungantiwar ji to exempt E Way Bill intra state to upto 50 km from address of registered transporter office. 

As this is example of just textiles and transporters businesses but there are many orthers businesses which will effect too. so i request you to give some relief to business men and local transporters, by giving some kilometers allow to move without intra state e way bill like gujrat and tamil nadu have already allowed.

 Thanking you ! 

yours faithfully

khilan R savla.