Lohegaon, ignored by PMC/Government?

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Lohegaon, even after inclusion in Pune Municipal Corporation in January-2018, is still lacking basic infrastructure.

The population in this area is growing exponentially however the roads and drinking water supply is still not in place. There is only one road joining Jakat Naka to Pride World City which is becoming narrower due to encroachments and unplanned constructions across the road. This road is also not well maintained and patchy with lot of potholes[1].

As Lohegaon has always been ignored by the PMC officials, more than 50,000 honest tax payers of Lohegaon area do not have much of a choice, other than coming down to roads to fight for their fundamental rights[2]. Many of the residents are also giving 2 hours daily from their busy schedule to manage traffic on the stretch which becomes horrible during peak hours[3][4].

Below are the 4 DP/RP roads proposed from Lohegoan-dhanori road which will be going till Dy Patil College. But nothing is completed.

Road No. 1. (100 ft. D.P. Road)* Kashmir Bhavan to Orchid Revel (Via Orchid Hospital, MSEB Sub Station and Goodwill 24). There is no ligation on this road but road work is not started. However there are 2 encroachments is there which no body is looking after. Atleast temporary road work should be done so residents who want to go Balaji mesmero Society, L-square, Orchid hospital, Reval orchid, Aurum Elementto can go via this road.

Road No. 2 Porwal Road* ( From Jakat Naka to D Y Patil). This road is 40feet road which is being in used by everyone but there is lot of encroachments and no traffic signal is nt there..

Road No. 3 (100 ft. R P Road) 509 Chowk to Goodwill Orchid Soc. to D Y Patil* I.e. Anna Wadapav via B U Bhandari Soc., Martheophilus School, Nyati. This road has 3 litigation by Bu Bhandari society, Dr martheoplius School and one local. But then why this road was ingurated by MLA Jagdishji Mulik, Was he not aware about this litigation?. If this road is completed, then 50% of traffic will be reduced

Road No. 4 (100 ft. D.P. Road) From Kashiganga Soc. To D.Y. Patil. This road is done till palladium homes and after that it’s pending due to litigation.

Below are the key demands of residents of Porwal road- Sathe wasti-Lohegaon, Pune:

  1. Drinking water supply
  2. D P Road to avoid congestion on Porwal Road
  3. Remove Illegal encroachments on Porwal road, Jakat Naka causing congestion
  4. Install traffic signal at Jakat Naka and permanent deployment of two traffic constables
  5. Street lights on Porwal road- Sathewasti- Lohegaon
  6. Speed breakers and footpath on Porwal road- Sathewasti- Lohegaon
  7. Proper drainage system
  8. Garden and Play area

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