Create a Program to encourage dumping of Orange and other fruit peels on degraded lands.

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As per an experiment done by Daniel Janzen and Winne Hallwachs (Princeton Alumni). They successfully restored a barren 3 hectare parcel of land within 16 years by simply dumping 12,000 metric tonnes of waste orange peels from a nearby orange juice manufacturer. 

Within 16 years the land had recovered and transformed into a bustling rain forest in Costa Rica.

Here's the link detailing the work done by the two Princeton Alumni Ecologists -

If we were to do the same in India, we could encourage our local manufacturers to dump their agricultural waste like fruit peels, leftover sugarcane and other unused agricultural waste on desolate and barren land to help restore the soil quality. It would be a win-win situation for all parties as the land would recover, the companies would be able to easily dispose of the waste for free and the additional forest cover would eventually contribute by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. 

By doing so, we can increase the forest cover in our country by simply restoring land which has been overused or simply dried up. There are multiple such examples across the world where the land has miraculously recovered by simply dumping agricultural waste and leaving it alone for a while. 

Drought hit areas like Latur could significantly benefit from this activity as groundwater levels could improve once the barren land is covered by the orange peels. As the orange peels decompose the soil regains its fertility and insects and worms return to the parched regions. With the arrival of insects and worms and some rainfall, the land will slowly but surely recover. 

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