Bollywood Give Back Our Forest lands!

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Bollywood's Film City has illegally usurped Mumbai's forest land.

They've have taken away more than 50 acres of land in Goregaon Aarey colony & Sanjay Gandhi National Park (a reserve forest)

With the environment change happening so fast, we all are facing mass extinction. This can be stopped if Film City under the control of Mah Gov returns the land back and we start planting trees in the region. We can reverse the damage done to the environment in a few years. 

Climate change is real, and it's time we acknowledged it! 51 acres of forest land usurped by Film city can be turned back into a forest and create an ecosystem for the wildlife. 

Documents obtained by city-based NGO Vanashakti, through a series of Right to Information (RTI) applications, reveal that the land, which is the size of two Oval Maidans, is disputed because there is no boundary wall between Film City, Goregaon, and the 104 sq km park. SGNP officials said they have been asking Film City authorities to give over the land since 1970 Recently, outdoor shoots had to be stopped at Film City after several leopard attacks were reported in the vicinity. Vanashakti members said Film City is in the process of expanding its infrastructure and has already reclaimed several parts.

I urge every human on this earth to support me in this fight. 

Mah CM please look into the Film City's usurped forest lands!

Please think of our future generations and return back the land you've illegally occupied in Aarey colony!

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