Ban Qnet, Vihaan & all illegal direct selling companies looting innocent citizens

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(1) People are looted in name of direct selling, chain marketing n MLM scams. These scam are as big as 8000 crores a year which are drain outside India.

(2) Companies like Qnet, Vihaan direct selling companies and many others are misguiding youth for quick money. Such companies and their business already banned in developed countries like USA, UK & DUBAI.

(3) People who are trapped in these scams have lost not only their money but have lost home, broken marriages, rekationship (family n friends). Such scams has been emotional trauma for investor.

(4) One side police and EOW are arresting representative of QNET who are doing these business as MLM n chain marketing. On other hand,  case is pending in supreme court for justice too lakhs of Indian citizens waiting for more than 4 years.

(5) What we all victims need is ban such companies  from doing business in our country and get victims looted money back from Qnet and other such companies.

Request each one of you to support our cause.