Take strict action against food adulteration and injecting chemicals in them

Take strict action against food adulteration and injecting chemicals in them

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We are watching/reading so many news or social media posts about people/farmers/vendors adulterating the food just to get the maximum of their product and make more money.

Mango farmers inject calcium carbide into unripe mangoes to make them yellow from outside faster so that their product (appearing fully ripen) arrive the market first to make most of the money. Who doesn't like to win the race, right? But at what cost? your and my health.

Similarly cows, hens are injected with oxytocin hormone to increase their milk production. oxytocin is a hormone produced inside a female body and is responsible for milk secretion. This hormone is coming to us through the milk we drink from these cows. Why people do this? To win the race, again ! No wonder why are we facing so many hormonal imbalance issues these days.

Many vegetables are spray-colored from outside just to make them look fresh. I personally have seen this happening. Yellow dried peas are soaked to make them un-dried and spray died or immersed in green color. And they appear as fresh green peas !

Many more such practices are happening just to yield a  better product or disguise it as a better product. But all of these is playing with our healths. We are getting serious illnesses from this and we don't even know how. 

Let's spread the word and sign this petition so that we hopefully can have access to true fresh and healthy produce .

A ban on all these practices should be declared. If you/we find any such malpractices happening around us and if we file a complaint against it, a very strict action should be taken.