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 @SMungantiwar's Escape Plan: farmers rally in Mumbai on November 22 , 2018

The farmers rally to demand scrapping of the Wildlife Protection Act (various Section) & to Implement Forest Rights Act is being encouraged by giving bribes and various false promises as shown below:

1. Tractors are being offered in return for participation in this rally

2. Complete loan waiver is being offered. However this loan waiver has already been sanctioned earlier in August, Now the same waiver is being linked to this rally when it is a benefit that had already been assured.
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3. The forest land that will become available has been promised to ‘titlers’ which means it will go to big business houses for ‘infrastructure’ projects.

4. There is no benefit to farmers who will lose forests, and the monsoon rains.

5. In a world experiencing climate change, we cannot risk more natural disasters by compromising on the little forest cover we Hv left.


6. Farmers has nothing to do with WildLife or Forest Lands. 

They will alienate urban Mumbai and give the farmers another issue to grouch about ! As usual #Pardeshi has defended #mungantiwar but there is some #raghudada who is a farmers leader who says he has been asked to do it.

Protest by who has been made to sit disguised. They are told their loan will be waived off  but its not known to them that loan was already waived off.

 Farmers are not aware about the reality that they are gathered only for crowd & not for their rights but for own benefit 

 There Loan was already Sanctioned in August 2018