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Reconsider Chagrin Yoga's expansion into Precious Resources space

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Developers Realty Inc. and Chagrin Yoga, Please re evaluate your plans to move forward with the expansion of Chagrin Yoga by removing Precious Resouces. The school is a valuable part of the community. This Eco Friendly preschool is outstanding in academics. Precious resources has the only 4-star step up to quality award for a preschool in our county, and only one of 2 in close proximity. Precious Resources works within the community through parent and family events, a summer lemonade stand at the farmer’s market, adopting endangered species, walking in the Blossom Time Parade, and caring for a beautiful garden throughout the year. They have also taught students many important beliefs such as " love thy neighbor". Clearly "love thy neighbor"should be an important lesson in life. One week before graduation Precious Resouces was shocked to find out that their lease would not be renewed. Which in turn displaced dozens of students for the 2014-2015 school year. Developers realty group had stated even though Precious Resources was an " exemplary tenant". They were going to allow Chagrin Yoga to occupy the Precious Resources space. Chagrin yoga is their largest tenant, and if not granted this space, Chagrin Yoga would vacate and Developers Realty did not want to risk this. Chagrin Yoga has been in negotiations with Developers Realty for 6 months to expand into Precious Resources space, with no knowledge or negotiations from Precious resources. We propose a meeting involving all three parties, the Quast family from Precious Resources, the owners of Chagrin Yoga, and Developer’s Realty. Our request is that an agreement be reached which allows Chagrin Yoga an opportunity for expansion while maintaining Precious Resources in their current space. We understand that other options for expansion are available, and we implore you to reconsider your decision and instead make a new one that will restore the rift in our community. Please don't remove a preschool that is so valuable to our community. Please do not let this truly unique,and loving preschool close it's doors. We ask that you ,Chagrin yoga please reconsider this move. There were other options offered to you. Don't take from the community, rather lets grow as a community. Developers Reality please re evaluate situation. The students need this school. Chagrin falls needs this school. Please sign this petition so both Chagrin Yoga and Precious Resouces can co -exist peacefully.

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