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No one should be allowed to kill innocent animals

Letter to
Chief of Police, Detroit Police Deparment James E. Craig
Northeastern Detroit Police District
Michigan Humane Society, Communications Manager Nancy Gunnigle
Investigate the killing of Chum, the Savannah cat

As many people now know, Chum, a large Savannah cat who accidentally escaped from his home in Detroit, was shot by a resident of a northeast Detroit neighborhood, simply because he was a large and unusual-looking cat. Several area residents say the contacted the Michigan Humane Society and Detroit Police Department weeks ago, when they saw the large cat roaming the area. They tried repeatedly to get help, yet both agencies declined to investigate, with MHS telling the residents they would have to trap the cat themselves. Now Chum is dead and the person who shot him simply tossed his body in a garbage can and walked away.

The Michigan Humane Society and Detroit Police Department did nothing to help Chum - or his owners, who were trying desperately to find him - and now they don't intend to investigate Chum's killing. Residents of the neighborhood where this occurred know who killed Chum, so why haven't Detroit Police done anything about it?

The Detroit Police Department and Michigan Humane Society, overworked as they may be, owe it to Chum, his distraught owners and everyone who cares for animals, to do something about this. The person who killed Chum and tossed him out like garbage shouldn't get away with it.
(Read the full story in the Detroit Free Press

If you would like to contact the Detroit Police Department directly, please email Chief James E. Craig at and the Michigan Humane Society's Communications Manager, Nancy Gunnigle at

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