Aiyana's Law - Ban No-Knock Warrants In The City Of Detroit

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This petition serves as a public demand that the Detroit City Police Commission, Detroit City Council, and Mayor Mike Duggan unanimously issue recommendations banning the practice of no-knock search warrants in the city of Detroit. It recommends that a law be created in murdered seven year old Aiyana Mo’nay Stanley-Jones's name banning this practice effectively immediately

No-knock warrants (NNW) put lives at risk. They have resulted in dozens of deaths of both civilians and officers. It has become a centerpiece topic of civil rights around the recent death of Breonna Taylor of Louisville, resulting in a unanimous decision by Louisville city council to join many other municipal and state governments in banning this unconstitutional-yet-common practice. In 1958 the United States Supreme Court ruled that "one could not lawfully be arrested in one's home by officers breaking in without first giving one notice of their authority and purpose."

Even though that landmark decision changed police practices, departments were galvanized by the War On Drugs to continue ignoring the spirit of this law. Since then, the number of NNWs has increased exponentially. People have continued to die needlessly.

Our own Detroit citizens have paid the price, like the above mentioned seven year old Aiyana Stanley Jones, shot in the head by Detroit police after being also hit with a flashbang grenade.  The jury at the time was deadlocked and the officer was cleared via mistrial - twice. Even for accidentally misfiring his weapon, that he testified he did do. 

There is simply no justification for these types of warrants if police continue to use technicalities to usurp the intent of the law in order to fit their pre-determined goal. It is unconstitutional, it undermines our justice system, civilian safety, and officer safety. We cannot continue to blame criminals alone for the actions of police, when there is a better, safer way by requiring officers to announce themselves. The price of evidence does not outweigh a human life.

Make this law. Make this Aiyana's law. Set an example by simply doing the right thing in these difficult times.