Justice For Tyson

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On September 30th, 2018 Tyson was found leaning against a truck on the side of the road with a broken chain attached to his neck. Every bone in his body could be seen and he had obviously given up on the horrendous fight for his life that he had been fighting for who knows how long. His rescuers lifted his lifeless body off of the ground and rushed him to an emergency vet. Under the lights on that vets table, his body showed the true horror that he had suffered at the hands of evil human beings. Every single bone could be seen protruding from his frail lifeless body that weighed a mere 30 Lbs. His tail had multiple marks that the vet concluded must have come from being either tied up or hung up from his tail. The reopened scar that circled his entire neck showed how he had been tethered to a tight chain that continued to rip open his neck over and over again. That same chain of death most certainly is what kept Tyson from food and water ultimately causing his extreme lack of nutrition and starvation.As the vet began cleaning the maggots that were crawling out of his eyes, nose, neck and rectum, he did not have the strength to even flinch. He just laid there, ready to die. It took months of neglect and abuse for Tyson's body to reach the condition that it was in. And as tough as Tyson was, he fought for almost 2 weeks before his poor beaten down body finally could not take it anymore and he passed away. The words on here do not even begin to describe what this defenseless animal suffered. No dog ever deserves to go through this and most of the time, the abusers are never found. In Tysons case however, the horrible excuse for humans that did this to him have been found  but have yet to be arrested or charged with what they did to him. This petition is demanding that not only are they arrested and charged, but that they are charged with all felony charges that are possible and that carry the strongest sentence. It is time to make a change and be a voice for the voiceless. Let's not let Tyson die in vein and instead take a stand, a stand that humanity will not sit back and allow this treatment of animals. That if you decide to act out on a defenseless animal and neglect and torture them, you WILL be held accountable and you will be made to answer for your crimes. This must stop here. No longer can we turn our heads and look the other way. Just because people close their eyes and pretend not to see the abuse and suffering of animals, does not mean that it isn't happening. Tyson deserved better. He deserved more than to be chained, starved and tortured to death. And these sick individuals need to answer for their crimes. What they did is NOT a misdemeanor. It was abuse and torture that took place over months, if not years,  resulting in an innocent animal dying a long, painful and agonizing death, that is a felony. Please sign this petition so they can be held responsible and so we can send a message to all the other abusers out there that justice is coming for them.... and they will have to answer for their actions. It is inexcusable and unacceptable and together, all of us, can make sure that JUSTICE IS SERVED FOR TYSON.