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Campaign Against Sexism and Racism in Hatred Game Trailer

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The developers of this game have shown that they don't care they've offended anyone. Their passive and childish attitude in the matter shows that this is a studio that shouldn't be taken seriously or professionally. They're just another studio copying older games on a newer engine, and in recent weeks, I have had quite a few discussions on the subject. Originally, I watched the trailer and was offended by the number of coloured people and women shown in the close-up executions in the trailer. Obviously you can kill everyone equally (still no real story or motivation behind that which makes the game go from fun to plain disgusting), but the developers went out of their way to show non-whites and women being executed in the worst ways. This is a display of the peak of the white male player characters' hatred. It's saying that you the player will achieve your blood-pumping rage when you kill the kinds of people you hate the most. A targeted audience being straight white males, as is obvious by the construction of this trailer. I've been told by Marcin, their VFX artist that the genders and ethnicity of NPC's are random. That may be the case but someone had to choose which execution close-ups were pieced together in the trailer which wasn't just a random gameplay video. 


What are we to get out of this? It's not a coincidence that 6 Africans, two women (one of which is asian) and only 2 white cops (that may even have been from native descent or other) were showcased in the most violent parts of the trailer. And to reiterate, this petition is NOT ABOUT PROTESTING VIOLENCE. It seems that everyone likes to latch onto that in opposing arguments. This is about utilizing sexism and racism as the basis of either development or marketing (look at the new COD: Advanced Warfare trailer and the pointless appearance of a woman barely dressed in order to target their straight white male audience). We're not trying to stop the old ways of developing games. A lot of incredible games have been released in the past, most of which convey a lot of sexism or mis-representation. However nice it would be if we could alter that, we at least want to make room for games that equally represent ALL TYPES OF HUMANS regardless of ethnicity and gender (if any associated).



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