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T​.​I​.​M (Teachers Interacting More)

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I want to see changes made in the virtual learning process. Many parents are concerned with the lack of interaction our children are having with their teachers. We understand that teachers are only doing what they've been told to do and we've heard teachers complain about being over worked and underpaid, so our concerns are mostly with the system put in place (Schoology) which has been a headache ever since day one. Teachers, students, and parents are very frustrated with this process. While we want to trust the process, after a few weeks of complaints and only being told that it's a work in progress and it'll get better at some point, I'm beginning to question if anyone is doing anything to make sure that happens. There has to be some kind of Virtual Learning session, hour, etc. For teachers to respond to Virtual Learning Students in a timely manner. Some are some aren't. We don't expect them to respond immediately but responding late in the evening isn't acceptable either. One major issue is that the student can't always save their work and go back to it after the teacher answers their question, so it's hard for students to move on to the next subject. One issue can slow you down and it throws off everything for the entire day. Zoom would've been much more convenient, and it's what a lot of parents were expecting when we done the surveys in July. And if it isn't legal to stream all day I understand, but some teachers are just saying they didn't want to be watched all day doing their jobs. I agree, however, my suggested solution to that would be the teachers and students don't have to be recorded all day, the camera could be aimed at the board during the entire period, students from home can still hear teachers, and teachers only have to step into the camera when they're solving problems, doing lectures, or whatnot. There could be a button on the screen for virtual learners to click on and some sort of ding noise will notify teachers that a student from home has a question and they can answer that question immediately just as they would if the student was in class physically. It's more convenient for students if there was a live stream, that's online schooling, and the teachers wouldn't be overwhelmed if they were teaching all students at the same time instead of double working their selves every day doing in person teaching and virtual. I suggested hiring assistants for teachers to help with emails, questions, etc that are incoming all day from virtual learners at home also. I was shot down, however there's only about 8 students per classroom from what I'm being told so there should be enough time to check in on virtual learners throughout the day if live streaming isn't an option. Some Virtual learners are actually working longer hours than traditional students are due to the lack of interaction with teachers. Not to mention that we are not teachers so it's difficult to help our children 100% like a real teacher does. Virtual learners shouldn't be neglected when we're only trying to keep them safe. So I ask, can we get these changes put in place? 

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