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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives and 16 others

Designate Inis Fada (Long Island) as a Historic Land Mark.

Supporters     Inisfada... Gaelic for Long Island a Manhasset Estate.

(pronounced in-ish-FAH-dah),  which means Long Island in Gaelic

Inas Fada is the 4th largest mansion in the United States of America. It is the "Jewel of Long Island" and the only unique Gold Coast Mansion from the Gilded Age to have spritual chapels.  

The vision for the Long Island Sound coastal area encompasses the tapestry of natural, economic, and cultural resources that make it unique The social and economic well-being and the general welfare of the people of the state are critically dependent upon the preservation, enhancement, protection, development and use of the natural and man-made resources of the state's coastal area. 

The incredible mansion was donated to the Jesuits in 1934 by Genevieve Garvan Brady, widow of the business man Nicholas F. Brady, who died in 1930. Both devout Catholics. After 75 years, first as a Jesuit school, then a seminary and more recently a retreat house, St. Ignatius is closing. Inisfada. This house and the land have very significant history. It should be preserved and used to serve the local residents and children and the general public. It should be mark "Historical".



"This is not just a magnificent structure, worthy of preservation because of its astounding architectural beauty and incredible state of preservation, but it has also been a spiritual heart of the Long island community for decades and it is a fitting reminder of the generosity and spirituality of the Brady family. The Jesuits have made a poor and misguided decision to shut the doors but the real tragedy is their seemingly uncaring disregard for the future of this building which was intended as a gift to serve the community for generations to come. This property cannot fall to the wrecking ball. Do we need yet another housing development? I hope Long Islanders care enough about their environment and history to prevent this."


 "We have gone to this home for 36 years on retreats, to daily mass and just to rest in a peaceful place away from the stresses of everyday life, so we are heart sick to see it closed. But more importantly, to have it demolished and never seen again would be a shame!  So please ask everyone you know to sign these two petitions to save this home! This is property is part of the History on Long Island and we should want to preserve it for all future generations...not just for the beauty of the Architecture and craftsmanship alone...but so the memories of the Brady's may be passed on too. They were wonderful generous people and their story should go on in their own home."


"In order to honor the intentions of Genevieve Brady, it is important that this property continue to be used for it's intended purpose. This is a beautiful, magnificent structure, worthy of preservation because of its astounding architectural beauty, How could anyone even think about destroying it.  This is something that can never be replaced."

Nicholas F. Brady

 "What are rich people but the trustees of God for the deserving poor and honest labor... The working man's right and dignity should come before high dividends."

 Nicholas F. Brady

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Thank you.


“Teach us to give and not to count the cost.”
St. Ignatius of Loyola

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Policy 2 Preserve historic resources of the Long Island Sound coastal area.

Archaeological sites and historic structures are tangible links to the past development of a community—both its cultural and economic life



Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
Councilwoman Lee R. Seeman (5th District) Town of North Hempstead
Councilwoman Anna M. Kaplan (4th District) Town of North Hempstead
and 14 others
Councilman Angelo P. Ferrara (3rd District) Town of North Hempstead
Councilman Thomas K. Dwyer (2nd District) Town of North Hempstead
Councilmember # 5 Town of North Hempstead
Councilmember # 3 Town of North Hempstead
NYS Senator Jack Martins Jack Martins
County Executive Edward Mangano,
Mayor M. Natiss Village of North Hills
New York Governor
President of the United States
New York State Senate
New York State House
U.S. Senate
Councilwoman Dina M. De Giorgio (6th District) Town of North Hempstead

Town of North Hills
Town of North Hempstead
Jesuit Owners Past
Investors Foreign or Domestic
Current Owners,

There are many people in the Inis Fada (Long Island ) community both residents and non residents, inside and outside your local community, and across the county and the world that are paying very close attention to the history and your handling and disposition of the 4th Largest Mansion and Church truly a unique historical site known as Inis Fada (Long Island).

There are now news paper adds, TV and other social media building to ensure that this "Long Island" Irish built historical building gifted and entrusted to the Jesuit Leaders be maintained for generations to come.

Please consider helping the American Citizens those that care about tradition and religion and heritage and the Long Island Gold Coast by providing a transparent status of this property and its very historical contents.

Further we seek your help to have the building marked as Historical Land Mark. We seek to find a manner by which to turn this building and site into a revenue generating property and thus lowering local tax and helping to ensure the enjoyment by millions across the country as they travel through the one and only " Gold Coast" of Long Island.

This building is the symbol of "Long Island" mansions from the Great Gatsby which sits on and around Matinecock Inidan land near the largest glacial rock "Shelter Rock" is home to the Red Fox and houses the only Church known in America of its kind with magnificent wood working taking 20 years to build. It has religious history dating over 80 years helping thousands in their time of spiritual need.

We hope our elected officials , Catholic Jesuit leaders and all those involved will find it in their hearts to remember the importance of this gift to the community to all religions and people and ensure that the community can be proud of where they live and what their elected officials have done to protect their history and environment.

We hope that the elected officials Catholic Jesuit leaders are able to look past dollars and into the future of what could be not what was. This building and its land has the potential to bring revenue and not be a burden on its community and great joy to all its visitors.

We seek to have the new owners of Inis Fada honor our heritage.
We remind the new owners that this is a Holy Building and Holy land where thousands have given and walked the Stations of the Cross nearing the final days of their lives.

This is not and was not just a summer home of rich people. It was a home that was built for all to share and be nourished with spiritual grasses of God.

Thank you for your consideration.
(Everyone that has signed this petition for your support).