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Derry City Council: Stop moves towards incineration (or “gasification”) of waste.

We, the undersigned, are asking Derry City Council to adopt a policy of moving towards Zero Waste, avoid the use of gasification for waste disposal and instruct its officials to not to sign, on behalf of the Council, any contract for 'disposal' of the area's 'residual waste' in a gasification plant.

The building of such a plant has been proposed at Campsie. We are also highlighting substantial breaches in proper procedure through which that facility's planning application was made and its approval announced. 

Signing such a contract would commit Derry City Council to disposal by gasification of not just local waste but waste from six other boroughs and additional unidentified waste, making Derry a dumping ground for the North West for the next 25 years. Such a commitment is environmentally, financially and politically reckless.

Why are we opposed to gasification?
- Increased risk of cancer and respiratory disease through exposure to mercury and dioxins. These toxins are persistent and bioaccumulative; they resist breakdown in the environment and are concentrated in the food chain.

- Waste gasification adds both directly and indirectly to the build-up of greenhouse gasses in the earth's atmosphere.

- Many of the materials that provide the best fuel for a gasification facility are the sorts of things most easily re-used, recycled and composted. This facility takes us in the wrong direction requiring us to feed it 120,000 tonnes of waste annually.

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