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Derek Smart does NOT represent the Star Citizen community!

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Since July of 2015, Derek Smart has taken it upon himself to thrust his brow-raising opinions and unverified claims into the spotlight and proclaim them to be fact (while refusing to provide any evidence that he claims to have possession of), and to represent the Star Citizen community.

Contrary to his claims of simply trying to "hold RSI (CIG) accountable" and his attempts to paint himself as a warrior of justice for the SC community and the crowdfunding community as a whole, his repeated spastic and outrageous recorded outbursts on his blog, Twitter account, and elsewhere, have shown through his poorly-maintained veneer.

It's not even a theory that he is doing what he is doing in an attempt to bring CIG to its knees for no other reason than to benefit himself - he's provided plenty of examples on his own accord proving what his true intentions are, such as demanding that Chris Roberts immediately step down and CIG instate an outside "Executive Producer" and third-party auditor while in the same breath mentioning that he also happens to be an "Executive Producer" and that he will set aside $1,000,000 of his own funds to hire an auditor himself to bring in to CIG.

He's laid bare what he would do to the company and game should he somehow be in the position to be in charge of CIG.

He's made empty threats repeatedly and since the beginning about CIG being sued and audited.

He's literally slandered CIG, Chris Roberts and plenty of others many times in his hypocritical crusade against Star Citizen.


I needn't go on, as I assume that any of you bothering to read this are already all-too-familiar with what has been going on with Derek Smart since July, 2015.


Derek Smart - this petition demands that you immediately desist in your ongoing actions against "RSI" (CIG) and Star Citizen. We, the Star Citizen backers, are not stupid. We can see through your pathetic plans easier than air itself. We are adults who have made our own decision to fund CIG in their attempt to build the best damned space sim ever, and we do NOT need you to pretend to be our savior, sent from the heavens to get us all refunds. If we want refunds, we can go to CIG just as we always have and get them. Contrary to what you believe, you weren't the instigator that pushed CIG into giving refunds. They have been giving them since the beginning on a case-by-case basis.

You are but one person. You are not, and never were, a part of the Star Citizen community. Your single (refunded) pledge is meaningless compared to the remaining $87+ million dollars that this community has pledged to see SC come to fruition. How dare you threaten to take time and funding away from CIG, funding and time from THIS community. You are no fan of SC and you are not welcome among us. Go back to your Line of Defense "game" and leave us be.



The Vast Majority of the Star Citizen Community

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