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Bylaw to ban for-profit sale of cats and dogs in Burnaby, BC

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Yesterday during a trip to Metrotown mall in Burnaby, we decided to go into Pet Habitat to take a look around. My heart broke as we walked in to see kittens and puppies confined to tiny glass cubicles. Each cubicle contained a water bowl or a water bottle made for a hamster, a pad for the animal to use as a toilet, a mat for a bed, a toy, and a puppy or kitten much too big for the tiny space. All the animals looked sick and painfully sad, it looked like jail. 

A little English Bulldog puppy caught our eye, it was obviously that he was being underfed or something was wrong because he was so skinny. We acted interested to take him home so we could get him out of that cage for a few minutes and hear more about where he was from. As the worker opened his cage to bring him out, he looked terrified; walking out with his ears back and butt sunken low. As we sat on the ground in a bigger space with him he completely lit up, it seemed like this was the first time anyone had given him attention all day. The time that these animals get to interact with people other then through a glass window is minimal. We asked if they ever get taken outside or socialized with other dogs and her answer was a hesitant "ya sometimes". Being a dog owner myself I know how necessary it is to take your dog outside for a walk daily and socialize him/her, especially in the first year of its life. 

The worker mentioned multiple times that the store had a warranty so if your pet died in the first year then they would give you a brand new one. This put up a major red flag in my head, where are these animals coming from that make it so they need to have a warranty for that? No reputable breeder would ever expect their animal to have life threatening health problems. After going home and doing some research, things didn't seem to add up. In March 2016, the Burnaby Now did an interview with the owner of Pet Habitat. He stated that all the animals come from a breeder out of The United States called Hunte Corporation; which has been linked to puppy mills in the past. This information crossed lines with what we were told, the employee told us that the english bulldog that we were looking at and about 5 other breeds were shipped over from Korea. The difference in information given shows that we are not being told the whole story. 

Help me bring attention to this and save these animals! Please show your support by signing and sharing this petition so we can make a change. We want to get the attention of the mayor of Burnaby, Derek Corrigan, so we can follow in the footsteps of other Canadian cities and ban the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores. 

Please do not show this cruel place support by giving them any of your money! There are so many animals out there looking for loving homes. Adopt, don't shop!!! 

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