Censure Mitt Romney

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We the registered voters of the Republican Party call on Derek Brown of Utah and the Republican party to Censure, Utah Senator Mitt Romney for his actions related to former President Donald Trump. Senator Romney has allowed his personal feelings toward Donald Trump to cloud his vision. He was the only Republican Senator to vote to impeach the President during the last trail. As you know in that trail the Senate did not vote to impeach. Now he is calling on Donald Trump to be impeached as a private citizen. The Constitution gives no such authority to Congress. His words on TV interviews are harsh, divisive and clearly his mind is made up that the former President is guilty, while pretending to be unbias. In matters of the former President, Mitt Romney constantly sides with the Democrats over his own constituency. He has appeared on television talk shows and news shows using the talking points of the Democrat Party against him own party. His popularity in Utah is at an all time low with Republicans and high with Democrats. State law does not allow for recall, we ask that Senator Mitt Romney be Censured for his actions.