Rebuild And Reopen The American Adventure Theme Park

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The American Adventure Theme Park has been closed and derelict for 11 years. The American Adventure was my and quite possibly a lot of peoples childhood. The American Adventure Theme Park was home to the boomerang coaster called The missile (located in Pleasurewood hills, Lowestoft, Norfolk and is now under the name of wipeout) and Twin looper also a rollercoaster(Located in a Polish Theme Park and has been renamed Tic Tac Tornado) Nightmare Niagara was the best log flume in the UK at one time but it got demolished in 2000s, The buffalo ride which was a junior coaster is now at Twin lakes. so many other rides went in the 2000s due to lack of visitors and not enough money, which then saw American Adventure Close in October 2006 and announced that it would not open for the 2007 season. The American Adventure Theme Park opened in June 1987 and Completely closed in January 2007. Waystone have purchased the site and they have been given the green light to build more than 300 homes, a retirement village, hotels, pubs, restaurant, and other stuff. Me and my friend have come up with a new design and plan to for he return of The American Adventure Theme Park with modern roller coasters and attractions. So sign this petition and let's see if we can get The American Adventure Theme Park Back open for business with brand new attractions and coasters. The sooner you sign, the better chance we have of getting American Adventure back. If American Adventure reopens it will attract so many visitors and it will be a huge boost to the community and for the UK not just Derbyshire. New Attractions Could be built as well as New coasters, food outlets, gift shops, pubs etc. American Adventure Could include A dark ride with a tour of how American Adventure first looked like when it opened. This would be a huge boost! The petition is stopping on til May 2018. I would love it if the council actually brought this back, because there is no other theme park in Derbyshire only Gulliver's kingdom Let's find the right investors for the return of The American Adventure Theme park. Let's stop this hideous plan to build houses! Let's all do a protest. Add me on Facebook and Twitter for more information