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Deputy sexually assaults woman on live tv

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A Multnomah County Corrections officer committed a blatant act of sexual assault on a female prisoner while the filming of National Geographic's tv show, "Lockdown" was being filmed.

As can be visibly seen from this youtube video at 1:25 to 1:34, the woman, visibly shaken, crying and in tears, is pleading with them, "Don't touch me," suggesting something happened to her already at their hands. At about 1:26, you can clearly see the male officer to the left grope the female victim on her breasts, both breasts!

In the wake of the TSA sexual assaults on passengers trying to board airplanes, this abuse of authority needs to cease and to come to an end. Please sign this petition to push the Multnomah County Sheriff's Department to fire the male CO for blatant and gross abuse of power and authority by abusing the female victim/ prisoner in this case.

Power starts with the people using their voice and we need to let out voices be heard so that the officer will be brought to justice and finally held accountable for his actions and to ensure that no future prisoners are violated in his hands.


Please contact Lt. Mark Matsushima at 503-988-4324 or at 503-988-4557

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