Disaster Relief for Seasonal Properties Affected by Flooding (New Brunswick)

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Hon. Brian Gallant, Premier of the Province of New Brunswick,

Hon. Stephen Horsman, Deputy Premier of New Brunswick

Pam Lynch, MLA 

The effects of the 2018 flood of the St. John River have been and continue to be devastating to the residents of the effected areas in New Brunswick.

The provincial government, along with support at the federal level, has created the  Disaster Financial Assistance Program; the aim of this program is to provide  financial assistance to New Brunswick residents who have been affected by the flood. The program covers eligible damages and losses that threaten the health and safety of individuals and communities during major disaster events. The program is application based, and covers the following properties: Primary residence, business/commercial and non-profit organizations.

The ask of this petition is as follows: Please include recreational/seasonal dwellings within the parameters of the Disaster Financial Assistance Program. 

The impact of the rising flood waters on areas heavily populated by recreational properties (such as Grand Lake, NB) have been devastating. To deny application to the program to seasonal property owners will have a severe, long lasting impact within the province. These property owners have taken measures to mitigate flood damage since the last flooding event in 2008, however the sheer magnitude of the flooding has rendered these actions moot. These residents also pay significant non-owner occupied tax rates to the Province of New Brunswick. To address the perception of 'affordability': A large percentage of these recreational properties are generationally owned, or are owned by aging senior citizens who are on fixed budgets. 

The ask is clearly and foremost not to remove funding or diminish the situation for those whose primary residences or businesses have been affected; it is simply an ask to be eligible and be able to apply for the program. 

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