Ban advertising of dogs for sale online in Ireland

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Every day now another family is devastated by the theft of their beloved dog. If these dogs could not be sold online, the market would shrink overnight. Hundreds of dogs are waiting for their forever home in rescue centres across the country - let's go there first instead of bringing home a pet that may belong to another family.

I'm calling on Deputy Browne to do what the vast majority of decent Irish people want - please help get this industry closed down. I can't bear to see photos of another stolen dog on my Facebook timeline, and neither can any other animal lover.

7 August update - Done Deal has 'temporarily suspended' the sale of dogs on the platform. They are trotting out the same old argument about sending sellers underground if they continue the ban. We need to keep up the pressure to ensure they don't allow the advertising again.  

The argument that this would drive sellers underground is not valid - Jo and Joan Soap will go to rescue centres if they don't see dogs for sale online. Both of these platforms say they care about the welfare of animals - the proof of that would be in banning these adverts.