Need for disabled friendly measures in malls and cinemas

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Hello friends,

My son faced a lot of difficulty in a reputed multiplex as the multiplex was not disabled friendly. He suffers from muscular dystrophy and has severe muscle weakness.

Being not able to climb stairs, he had a lot of hassle and embarrasment inside the theatre to reach the seat.

I feel that this is a common problem faced by disabled people in malls and multiplexes and even in government offices, railway stations, public tiolets etc.

Wheelchairs are available in most places but the architecture is not supportive of the cause.

Ramps should be built where they can be in order to ease the wheelchair accessibility to most places.

Implementing disabled friendly measures in public places will be a great effort in raising the self confidence of those who need it the most.

Therefore, I request you to sign this petition so that we can gift the disabled their rights to live a healthy social life.