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Alleged deplorable conditions and gruesome deaths at Commerce Texas animal shelter.

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Allegedly animals are living in misery inside filthy unsanitary kennels at commerce Tx shelter that operates as a heart stick facility. No kill room is made available here instead animals are illegally killed inside the kennel with their companions ,and are left to stare at their deceased kennel mate, all the while still struggling to lift their heads to look at visitors. Animals who don't die right away are placed in trash bags ,and put inside a blood spattered freezer. Puppies are killed within sight, and hearing of their mothers. An adopter has walked in on the ACO as he euthanized kittens inside a sink in plain view of the public. Euthanasia is often carried out during shelter hours even if they are only at half capacity. Any animals that are fearful are labeled non adoptable ,and are promptly killed. Some animals with injures have been left to suffer for the entire stray hold or until volunteers take them elsewhere to be humanly euthanized. The ACO seems to enjoy conversing about ,and carrying out heart stick euthanasia. A procedure that uses a poison filled syringe to puncture an animal's chest wall. The needle passes through layers of tissue ,and nerves on the way to the heart. Animals in this shelter have been seen by witnesses to not have been properly sedated before the act. A weight scale for the animals doesn't seem to be in use to measure the correct lethal dose of medication needed. If not given correctly animals can suffer immensely while they await a slow death. Volunteers have been instructed to throw kittens in distress into the dumpster after they arrived at the shelter as the ACO felt "they will die anyway". Pets with rescue tags ,and adopters are often euthanized anyway. If animals that are placed together in kennels get into fights ,and are left to fight with no separation. All kennels are provided only one bowl of food and water per day even if the kennel holds multiple animals. Volunteers ,and rescue have previously been banned from the facility after complaining about the conditions, and abuse there. The shelter fails to keep a proper up to date log of animals who come in leaving little or no time for rescues to network or save them. Animals within the shelter often end up with  mysterious injuries that appear after intake! The Aco is on the city's animal advisor board this should be seen as a violation as it is a conflict of interests. The public is asking for the immediate stop to the sadistic inhumane euthanasia by non sedated heart stick. We would like the city to work with local veterinarians instead to avoid this practice in it's entirety. Conditions at the shelter have remained this way even after 2014 when the SPCA seized a Pit Bull from from Commerce Tx animal control facility. The SPCA cited animal neglect after a dog with emaciation and body laceration failed to improve over an 18 day stay at the shelter. City officials and the Commerce police department have knowledge of the severity of the issue, but have failed to take action. We the undersigned ask the city of Commerce to please add camera's inside the shelter to prevent any future incidents. That the head ACO be placed on administrative leave ,and or terminated immediately as well as the immediate reprimand, and or resignation of any city employees that aided in any violation or failed to report the violations to the proper authority's. We ask that an audit of records, and full investigation of abuse ,neglect, and inadequate following of shelter and State protocol be conducted by state officials. Please Step up for animal rights in Texas! Immediately reform the laws of care that animals receive in Texas shelter facility's. NO MORE SUFFERING GIVE COMPASSION FOR COMPANION ANIMALS SAVE THE PAWS AND CLAWS OF TEXAS!

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