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Teachers are underpaid across the country

Teachers are the future
 Teachers are what keep the world going. Most to all jobs require educational skills in which you will learn in school. Teaching creates all other professions. Say one teacher teaches one class of twenty students, every day for a whole school year. Once these kids are all done in school, they can all grow up to 20 amazing presidents, lawyers, volunteers, and much more! Whoever thinks that teachers don't need a raise must be a bunch of idiots. Teachers truly keep the world going. Teachers should make much more that dumb football players, because at one point in that football players life, he had a teacher that made him able to be where he is now. Think about that.

The DepEd seemed to have neglected the fact that teachers are human beings too and are also entitled to basic labor rights.

Teachers cannot refuse even though they are performing the job beyond the legal working hours for fear of getting low in the performance appraisal,  adding that DepEd adopts a foreign designed result-based performance management system (RPMS) and the Philippine Professional Standard for Teachers (PPST) that apply systematic mechanism of oppressing teachers.

While teachers are greatly exhausted from too much work, most of them just received salaries that are not enough

Most of the teachers have a minimum take-home pay of P5,000 which is far below the requirement of a decent living that the National Economic Development Authority (Neda) estimated at P42,000 for a family of five.

This has made the Filipino teachers the lowest paid among the Asean counterparts.

As a result, teachers could hardly send their children to college and thus they become easy preys to lending and loan sharks.

This condition has made teachers perpetual captives of debt slavery.

In most cases, to accomplish added responsibilities, teachers are even obliged to spend their own money for classroom decorations and bulletin boards, for school beautification, for students' activities, for fellow teachers who are in dire need and even for food to feed the hungry students because of severe poverty.

Adding to the miseries of teachers and government employees is the burden of taxation brought about by the implementation of the tax reform law.

All these factors affect the delivery of quality education. Teachers are made as scapegoats for the failures of the students to improve their academic performances while education officials are covering up the gross negligence of the State to provide for the basic requirements of quality education that include salary of teachers and personnel, school buildings, laboratories, and other facilities, books and other learning materials for the learners


0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
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