Pass/Fail Option for Winter Quarter 2021

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Since Spring Quarter 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic had just begun DePaul University has offered students pass/fail options for their classes. The pass/fail option has been an acknowledgment of student’s and faculty’s need for leniency during such chaotic and tumultuous times. 

As the pandemic ravages on with over 487,000 deaths nationwide and new variants threatening us further, DePaul has decided to revoke the pass/fail option from students without warning. Students are experiencing the same, if not worsened, crisis that began in March of 2020. However, now many of us have experienced a full year of inadequate online learning, a year of sickness and losses, and a year of mounting instability. For this reason, DePaul University must allow students to choose pass/fail for Winter Quarter 2021 and until the conclusion of the pandemic. 

Students have continued to pay tuition, work campus jobs, and accept the frequent changes being thrown at them and DePaul must show compassion by granting the choice of pass/fail. If DePaul University truly is committed to the Vincentian mission that honors human dignity then they must honor each student’s humanity through offering the pass/fail option that acknowledges how much we are all going through and adjusting to during this time.