Justice for Professor Lisa Calvente's Tenure at DePaul University

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Professor Lisa Calvente is one of the few Black staff members at DePaul University. She is a Communication Professor who zeros in on Critical Race Theory.  Professor Calvente has provided an open, honest, and rich curriculum full of actual truths and realities of marginalized people, more specifically Black people amongst the African Diaspora. With this honest and diverse curriculum, Professor Calvente has received much backlash from a school system who claims to pride themselves on diversity. The performative emotional discomfort of the white majority at DePaul, has been prioritized over the actual need of learning Ms. Calvente’s diverse curriculum. I have had the pleasure to take Professor Calvente’s COM 103 course, and it was truly an empowering experience for me. As a communication major, Professor Calvente was my first Black Professor in my field over the course of already having 3 years of college experience. This represents the lack of representation there already is for Black and People of Color educators. As a Black woman, attending a predominantly white institution can be isolating because there is no reflection of self in the curriculum. In my experience outside of Professor Calvente’s class, White has always been the default. It is no coincidence that a Black professor who holds important courses based on the power systems of white supremacy and the value of the Black identity has been given a hard time and has been denied tenure. If you are tired of being erased in history or tired of Black people being thrown in the disposal for speaking our truths, take the first step by signing this petition and helping Professor Lisa Calvente, a true Black educator, gain her tenure back! Every signature holds weight! Thank you!