Petition Closed
Petitioning Superintendent of Insurance - Maine Eric. A. Cioppa and 3 others

Departments of Insurance, Maine, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Connecticut: Expedite an immediate Conduct Market examination of Unum Group

Unum Group continues to target and deny legitimate claims by deliberately engaging in unfair claims practices. There is also significant evidence to suggest Unum currently ignores all medical restrictions and limitations from treating physicians and continues to engage in practices which were identified in 2004 as unfair patterns of business practices.

By signing this petition, we request the named Departments of Insurance to exercise their regulatory authority by immediately engaging in conduct market examinations of Unum Group.

Letter to
Superintendent of Insurance - Maine Eric. A. Cioppa
Commissioner of Insurance - TN Julie Mix McPeak
Commissioner of Insurance - CT Thomas B. Leonardi
and 1 other
Commissioner of Insurance - MA Joseph G. Murphy (Commissioner of Insurance - MA)
Please exercise your regulatory authority to engage in an immediate conduct market examination of Unum Group and its unfair claims practices which continues to deliberately target and deny claims unfairly. The National Coalition of Disability Insureds supports such actions to hold Unum accountable for its wrongful patterns of business practices.