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Since 1993,  NVR Mortgage and Ryan Homes have been building homes up and down the East Coast and Midwest in the United States.  They have several thousand cases in the legal system where they have consistently violated the Uniform wide building code, They have violated local and state real estate permit laws, they have proven with a valid factual based history of faulty installation of HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Drainage, Foundation, Drywall, flooring, carpeting, cabinetry, faulty appliances, cheap fiberboard materials and roofing materials, poor construction,windows, flashing, patio.  Outside exterior vinyl siding, Plygem windows, kitchen island issues, severe toxic mold with high levels of bacteria found in the interior parts of the homes.  Extensive water damage, leaks, poor sealing and wrong size units for both HVAC/AC and Tankless Water Heaters.  Pipes that freeze and constant fire hazards with Furnace wrong safety installations of furnaces.  Energy Star violations with using the logo without the permission of Energy Star.  Energy efficient scams.  Collusion with local city inspectors and officials through out the entirety of the United States.  These are facts proven with previous investigations and trials that were settled out of court prior to the case being presented to a jury.  NVR  Mortgage and Ryan Homes violate the real estate laws of Virginia by demanding homeowners finance through and build using their contractors only.  NVR and Ryan Homes have harassed homeowners to not go to the media, they have paid off structural engineers to lie for them, and they have consistently lied and shown deceit through out the entire building process in order to cut corners, target the men and women in military uniform, veterans, disabled veterans, first responders, police, fire and rescue, social services, city local establisments contractors and subcontractors paid through third party via Ryan Homes.  Since 1993, over a million complaints go unheard, putting families in financial ruin and bankruptcy.  Since 2012, two social media accounts have gained visibility showing the criminal neglect that Ryan Homes Builders have inflicted on our residents in the United States.  We are urging that the following be done, since the two year statue of limitation for filing a complaint DPOR refuses to listen.  We want DPOR to revoke Ryan Homes Builders License, We want the Attorney General Mark Herring to properly investigate this builder for building defects that is consistent with violating the consumers rights to have a properly safe built home that is within proper code.  Proper code means not just minimal it means code.  Not skirting around. We want financial restitution be made to the families have over hundreds of thousands of damages to their homes.  Ryan Homes should be made to refund each homeowner to the sum that matches the mortgage to its entirety due to the level of deceit and the level of criminal neglect done during the process in which these families have suffered great damages to their health, their life and their homes.  We want Attorney Mark Herring to do more than just write letters, we need a full investigation into the defects so that proper determination can be made as to whether indictments must be issued for failure to honor the warranties, failure to provide quality workmanship, failure to build what is advertised, failure to safely install materials and goods with in the property that put all of the homeowners at risk for injury or death due to possible carbon monoxide leaks, and other known fire hazards.  These families are tired, they are frustrated they are getting nothing in return. They are sick, they have lost loved ones due to poor workmanship of the home, they have had to have surgeries due to toxic mold.  We need OSHA to investigate the Toxic Mold.  We need as many departments to properly and appropriately investigate so that swift action can be taken to bring relief to the families that have all been affected by this builder.  It is time to take action. I am asking everyone, even if you think you have an issue, make a claim.  You can email me directly at  Right now we need a qualified trial attorney and law firm to assist us with the biggest and boldest civil litigation case against this builder and mortgage finance company.  Please sign and help us get the action that we need. The absolute only solution to this is to revoke the license, refund the money to those affected and for our city and local authorities and state authorities look at criminal procedure action due to the high level of fraud involved with this.  If you have questions, please reach out to me immediately.  V/R Elizabeth Gray, CEO of Defective Home Building, Civil Rights Activist, Military retired disabled veteran, paralegal and legal public administrator.