Remove flowering plants from the median strip of the M1 motorway

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The M1 is littered with the bodies of dead bats, native birds and marsupials. Just yesterday, between the short drive from Helensvale to Loganholme a total of 21 dead bats were counted including many grey-headed flying foxes that are vulnerable to extinction. Our wildlife are in the middle of a mass food shortage and they see an oasis of native flowering shrubs planted for kilometers up the median strip of the M1. What they are really facing is a death trap.Trying to fly to and from these sources of food, they are forced to fly into oncoming cars and trucks travelling at speeds of at least 100km an hour. 

The shrubs were planted to beautify a motorway, something for motorists to enjoy on their commutes to and from work. Instead, if you look to the road, the Department of Transport and Mains Roads have unintentionally created an ugly case of mass animal cruelty - a situation where our wildlife think they will find some relief from starvation but instead they face death, forced to fly into oncoming traffic while trying to find food. 

Not only is this a horrible and completely unnecessary situation for our wildlife to face but it posses a risk to drivers' safety with an increased risk of traffic accidents caused by people trying to avoid wildlife, being distracted by looking at dead and dying animals on the road as well as trying to avoid the birds that are feeding off the carcasses of dead animals. It would also cause emotional distress for anyone who hits one of these animals and for those who care for the welfare of animals and our native environment. 

I implore the Department of Transport and Main Roads to urgently remove all flowering trees off the median strip of the M1. This may seem like a large task but it will save countless animals and decrease the risk of potential traffic accidents. 

I would also urge the public to write to your local MP, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (through the complaints section of their website) and to the Minister of Main Roads the Hon Mark Bailey ( urging for the immediate removal of flowering trees off the median strip of the M1. For people worried that this will take away a food source from the wildlife, no matter what the risk to their safety, I would recommend approaching your local council to plant more flowering and fruiting trees in parks and recreation areas, away from the dangers of oncoming traffic.