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We are calling the attention of the Department of Tourism Philippines, Taal Tourism Office, and all organizations concerning animal rights to ban bringing and using of live domesticated animals to Taal Volcano Island for any kind of purpose. 

We have seen the horrific result of the Taal Volcano eruption to the horses of Volcano Island that was used for tourism. 400 and possibly more horses are dead from volcanic ash. Some are rescued days after the eruption where these poor animals have already been hungry, thirsty, had burnt skin from the ash and probably sick because of inhaling too much volcanic ash. Imagine being there on a leash with nowhere to go and just waiting for your death to come. Some are euthanized because of the severity of their condition. We are not just talking about the horses here, we are talking about the livestock and all domesticated animals in the island.

Taal Volcano is an active Volcano which means it can erupt anytime. People who brought animals used for tourism with or without permit are knowledgeable of the danger and risk of volcano eruption. The safety of these animals should have been important as well. But when the calamity struck, these poor animals are left behind because the priority for rescue are humans.

Is this going to be the case every time this happens?

There is a way to prevent this.

Taal locals may say that we are stopping them from their livelihood. No, we are simply requesting that you transfer where animals will be easily rescued when  calamity strikes. We are smart Filipinos, there are a lot of other ways to make profit from Taal tourism.