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Safety Awareness: DILG should incorporate CCTV cameras in all barangays

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This petition is about the installation of CCTV Cameras in barangays for the welfare of the citizens that live in each barangay. The increasing numbers of murders, crimes and mortality rates increase day-by-day. The common locations of crimes are in barangays, knowing that it's easier for a crime to be committed because they don't get enough attention, thus resulting to the city's poor safety.

                In the Philippines, venturing anywhere would normally pose no threat. That is considering, you are within the public eye.  When you go alone, it becomes a different story. Walking at night all by yourself in an underpass is an open invitation for wicked people to threaten your life.

                Fact check: Crime rates in the Philippines have actually dropped in the past few years with the total crime rate decreasing by 13% from 52,950 incidents on January 2016 lowering to 46,060 in June 2016, according to the Philippine National Police(PNP). If crime rates are dropping significantly, what would be the imposed threats to our daily lives be? While criminals have been involved less in property and personal crimes, another hazard has risen: Murdering for the sake of ‘Justice’.

                After the election of the new president, Rodrigo Duterte, both the police and so called vigilantes have gained a new boldness. The number of killings by these people amount to a rough estimate of 7,000 in the present with the statistics having a large portion of people who died outside of police operations. These ‘Vigilantes’ would locate someone they suspected of carrying drugs and kill them in cold blood without even bothering to follow the legal justice system. The incitement that these people have received had cost many innocent people their lives and grievances to their families. Most of these murderer vigilantes still have not been brought to justice, and they are under the influence that even if they kill these suspected drug users, their punishment would be neutered a significant amount due to the initial encouragement of these acts from the new administration.

We are petitioning the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) for the uniform implementation of CCTVs throughout all barangays in the Philippines because take for example the Barangay Meycauayan in Bulacan, its barangay captain promised us that he will make our lives safer by attaching a numbers of CCTVs all over the area. Unfortunately, when he won, he was unable to fulfill his promise. Now our barangay experiences crimes ranging from petty to heinous. Looking at other barangays, you may be able to see that they already have CCTVs lined everywhere for the safety of their community. The inconsistency is what drives us to petition for the uniformity of carrying out CCTVs in all barangays.

How can a CCTV camera help reduce these incidents and provide a safe environment?

1.       Having CCTV cameras installed primarily have the functions of deterrence and insurance from future crimes, as well as useful data to already committed ones.

2.       Many criminals would be reluctant to commit crimes once they are aware of the presence of a camera monitoring the area, with this alone already having a great potential in increasing the safety of public areas.

3.        Suspicious people would also be noticed in advance once they enter the camera’s field of view, allowing an easier time in contacting the authorities.

4.       It could help the policemen in arresting the perpetrator/s. Help gather suspects and witnesses, aiding the police in identifying whoever the people involved in the incident are and locating them for questioning.

5.       It could also become a crucial piece of evidence in convicting crimes if ever the footage has been shot where the crime took place.

 A good example of a CCTV camera helping to speed up the process of identifying criminals here in our country is how the suspect in killing the tricycle driver in Brgy. Poblacion, Mandaluyong City was caught. Also, another example is the incident in the Barangay Hall in San Jose del Montel, Bulacan were a pregnant woman was killed just outside the Barangay Hall but through the CCTV they were able to catch the suspect.

That’s why we are petitioning the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to require all barangays to have a CCTV Camera in every street. Let us all help one another in lessening crime rates in our country. Signing in this petition will keep you and your barangay safe. Let’s start the change you want by signing in this petition.

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