TRAI: Fix the Cellular Network Service issues in Aurangabad

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We the people of Aurangabad (Maharashtra) city are facing tremendous trouble about poor cellular network within the city since long time.

Aggrieved citizens raised their hues and cries through various modes but there is no change. Every time the cellular company response (if in case they respond) that the network team is working on it and will improve the service in some time but no improvements so far.
We are facing issues during the calls due to poor network reception; either the call drops or some time doesn't even connect. Such problems are faced by customers of all leading cellular companies such as Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, Airtel and also the giant Reliance Jio.

The network indicator shows full signal on the phone but we cannot make a clear phone call. This cause lots of inconvenience to the needy persons who are trying to communicate during emergency situations. We are facing similar issues with different network providers.

The Companies boast about their superior network services in their advertisements which are completely misleading. When contacted cellular companies like Idea and Jio however they have not taken any steps to improve the connectivity.
Internet services, upon which every equipment is dependent, is so week that the remaining world is using 20 - 25 MbPS but here in Aurangabad we get 20 - 25 kbps speed.

The ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are the ones who should find solution for the slow internet connection in Aurangabad . They should repair all the towers to lessen this problem. Mostly the ISP are so slow in adopting the advance 4G-LTE connections which it keeps mobile connection speeds slow.

The cellular companies charge us heavily even they use their customers for their and their product's advertisements still they are reluctant to provide us uninterrupted service only due to their monopoly in the field and blessings of Department of Telecommunications (DOT) and TRAI

TRAI and DoT are not taking any punitive action against poor network services of the cellular companies. Their complaint redressal system is so intricate that commoners do not opt to make complaints against call drops.
Moreover, recently it is been found that many cellular companies have raised towers within Municipal corporation area are either without permission or their dues are pending. Therefore Corporation is taking action against them by sealing such towers. By doing so, Corporation is further ruining the situation.

Aurangabad is Heritage City. It has two world heritage sites and its tourism capital of Maharashtra. Communication is the most important need for human being and considering importance of the city network facility of the city needs to be improved as expeditiously as possible.

Hence this petition to urge DoT and TRAI to take immediate strict punitive action against the all cellular companies operating in Aurangabad.

Team CityKatta