Improvement in mobile service - Voice & Data

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The mobile phone has become a necessity and users should able to connect or talk with anyone at any time without any issues. Various mobile companies (The Companies - Airtel, Idea Cellular, Reliance Jio, Vodafone and other mobile service providers of India) should provide uninterrupted voice and data service whoever opt for it. There is no way we can give our feedback or raise issues with these companies. 

Issues with Service:
Voice: As mentioned above, especially in cities, we face major problem of call drops, low net speed and unclear voice. We see full network on our device but when we try to make a call it will not get connected. The callers get message that subscriber is out of coverage area even though he is well connected to the network. 

Data: We are promised by the companies that they provide 3G/4G service. The majority of us pay for 4G and expect good speed. However in most cases we hardly see any speed improvement even after changing SIM or changing instrument/handset settings as per the company's recommendation. At times, speed is as low as 90Kbps. None of the companies is providing information on speed in terms of Kbps/Mbps. They simply say we provide 4G service but then we should know how much that will be.

At present there is no way we can raise issue on quality of service. As users, we simply call customer care and what follows is standard replies like "We are aware of the situation" or "Your area is under upgradation in phased manner" and other similar responses. There is no time frame for network improvement or upgrade and we are never informed on the status. The companies closed the complain with such replies. 

Steps to improve services:
QoS: There should be some standard to measure the quality of service and as users we should be able to give our feedback. Either TRAI or the companies should have common platform where such issues can be raised. The companies have there own association, Cellular Operators' Association of India (COAI) and so they can jointly developed a portal whereby users can put their grievance only for network related issues. The companies can give their feedback and keep their customers updated.

Sufficient cell sites/towers: It seems that the companies do not have sufficient or optimal number of cell sites or sites are overloaded especially in Metro cities and other cities. They should ensure that sites are up and running and upgraded to support the increased number of users. They should also provide details on number of cell sites/towers in an area and also average active users on that site on portal mentioned above. This will make the companies more transparent.

Minimum speed: The companies should mentioned in all their marketing material and various TV commercials minimum expected speed in terms of Mbps for 3G and 4G. The data speed also be mentioned in various recharges or plans as the case may be. 

Shorter MNP window: Currently MNP window is of 90 days and it is highly in favor of the companies. When a user changes a service provider and he finds that the service is not up to the mark, he has no option and to wait for 90 days. If this is reduced to 7 days or so then the companies will ensure that hey provide optimum service and users are also free to change as and when needed. With 90 days window, the users are stuck with the service provider even though he is not happy. 

Cost of service: As users we understand that the companies are here to do business and make profit. They are not here for charity. We accept this and do not mind paying cost for the service. The users are willing to pay for the quality and proper service. Every time, users have pay as per existing plans and will do so.