All USPS Tractor Trailers (TTO) Should Have Air Conditioning in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas has hit record breaking high desert heat yet USPS Tractor Trailers (TTO) are NOT air conditioned. This is a public safety issue if the drivers would pass out from heat stroke and crash into the public on the road. Getting these drivers air conditioned trucks would prevent disaster and millions of dollars in lawsuits against USPS. I personally know individuals who work as TTO drivers for USPS for over 18 years who claim the steering wheel is so hot at times that they can barely hold onto it while driving. This is dangerous! When on the road, I notice some drivers hanging out of their windows as they drive as well. Supervisors has been notified, paperwork has been filled out and still, no change. Something MUST be done! These are not healthy working conditions.

Please sign this petition in hopes that change is made for our drivers who ensure our daily mail gets to us! Thank you so much!

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