INDIAPOST: Join Supplementary Remuneration Programme of UPU To Support E Commerce Exports

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You must be confused by title of this petition. It's unfamiliar to aam aadmi, because this issue affects less than 10000 peoples of India, that's the reason. Those 10k peoples are 'Ecommerce Exporters' who are working day & night in worlds online retailing competition, bearing high shipping rates of India Post and still facing problems with threat that Department of Post might increase rates. 

I will explain the issue in short; Universal Postal Union has introduced Supplementary Remuneration Programme in 2010 especially for 21 century needs of ecommerce business, this program will create international postal network to track-trace-delivery information for customers by exchanging electronic data of international registered mail / insured mail services. Simply means all participating countries will be able to share international mail parcels data to each other. This is very important to grow international ecommerce business

Today is 2016, so many years passed, many countries has participated in this program (even Pakistan) & India is not in that list. As you all know, major e commerce exports business come from USA, and according to this notification United States Postal Service (USPS) stopped providing tracking information for incoming Registered Mail articles of India from 1 October 2015 due to non compliance & not participating in UPU program.

We wrote emails to department of posts & after so many weeks we got answer that says "In this matter, it is informed that Department is already aware of this issue. We have already taken up the issue with United States Postal Services (‘USPS’) and their reply is still awaited.Further, countries that you have referred in your email have joined the Supplementary Remuneration Programme of Universal Postal Union which allows the destination postal operator to charge 0.5 SDR extra from the sender postal operator. Thus, the registered service will get costly by almost Rs. 45/- per article over and above the current charges.Accordingly, Department of Posts would take suitable decision whether to join the Supplementary Remuneration Programme or not once formal reply from USPS is received."

This issue is affecting thousands of ecommerce exporters / sellers of India. China is leading in this business because China Post is providing subsidised rates for shipping of international mail articles. India Post already increased rates beyond affordability. In addition to that USPS is not providing tracking to India (Shipment Tracking is most important part of ecommerce business), sellers are forced to use expensive services of private couriers. 

I am writing this to you because i am also a small town seller who is building small business via e commerce exports. My business depends on India Post & it's services and i am not alone, thousands of sellers are already in this business & there is huge opportunity for all to startup.

SOLUTION: Participate into Supplementary Remuneration Program of Universal Postal Union. 

I need your help to reach this petition to maximum level & help Indian sellers to grow their business all over the world. Support me to tell our honorary minister Mr Manoj Sinha to resole this issue on priority & not to increase rates to support ecommerce business. Solution is ready & department know that, India Post department needs to implement it. It's simple thing that IndiaPost will also charge 0.5 SDR for inward shipments too from respective countries.

I request our honorary minister to personally look into this issue & resolve it for good. 

Thank you.