5 days working for Postal department

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Presently, almost all central govt departments are having five day week with 7 hours work per day, except in postal department where it is still six days a week and eight hours a day. The logic behind putting postal employees into this kind of arduous working hours might be based on the nature of indispensability of a proper communication system and affordable small savings financial services . In the present day market enthused options and choices , it is worth reviewing the working hours prevalent in postal operative offices.


1. With the heavy work and new projects implementations, the employees in postal operative offices are forced to sit late at offices beyond already lengthy stipulated office hours., This in effect , reduces the time to be spent with their dear and near thereby affecting their smooth family environment.


2. Each employee has to find time for many family and social obligations such as paying utility bills, availing govt services as a citizen ,social functions etc. The lengthy daily schedule makes a postal employee either insincere towards his work by finding time for the aforesaid compulsions out of duty hours, or apathetic to the general aspects of duty bound citizenry. It is quite doubtful whether even the successive pay commissions have studied this aspect with due consideration and in the right perspective.


3. Setting an optimum working hours in a department is essential for the targeted productivity and profitability.


4. Unfortunately the reduced working hours for the postal department has never been suggested by our administrative offices sometimes for the reason that already the officials there enjoy five day week .


5. Recently the government has declared the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month as public holiday for banks in India accepting the long pending demand from the workers.


In view of the above aspects, we would like to put forward the demand of declaring 2nd and 4th Saturdays as closed holidays for all postal operative offices. Moreover, Considering the lengthy eight hours daily work, the no. of casual leaves to be enhanced from the present, trivial eight in numbers to twelve.