Save the Bears from DNR

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As many of you probably know, bears are very active in our communities,  most are still young or mommas with cubs. They may be nuisance to some, but's their home too. We are on their land as much as they are on ours. For a company to be named Department of Natural Resources, one would think they would specialize in the protection and maintenance of our environment and its habitants. Well we couldn't be more wrong. If you report an injured animal, regardless of seriousness, ( or any animal for that matter) DNR will not try to save the animal or relocate. They kill it. Yes, you read that right. They KILL it. The amount of posts I have seen from local people calling DNR to help them with an injured cub or lost cub, to only have DNR come out to destroy the poor creature is unbelievably cruel and unnecessary.  This needs to change. These animals don't deserve that, we are in their backyard too. I am asking Department of Natural Resources to review their protocols and discover new ways to protect the natural environment and ALL its inhabitants.