Uphold Lower Court Decision to Keep Grizzlies as Endangered Species

Uphold Lower Court Decision to Keep Grizzlies as Endangered Species

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As explained recently in the iconic Sunday TV News Magazine--60 Minutes, the Grizzly Bear in the lower 48 states was "delisted" from the Endangered Species Act listing as an "endangered species" under 16 USC s 1540(g). A court battle ensued in late 2018, and the District Court judge ruled in favor of those plaintiff's including indigenous Americans that the Grizzly should remain protected and on the endangered species list. Yet, the Trump Administration's Department of Justice--through its Environment and Natural Resources Division is fighting tooth and nail to "delist" the bears.


Such delisting would allow a massive hunt to take place to kill these bears for human entertainment. In fact, it was reported that over 7,000 trophy hunters had signed up to kill a widely publicized mother bear who was documented to have reared two sets of triplet cub--yet having one third of them perish for myriad reasons. Because bears reproduce infrequently, approximately once every three years for about 15 years their survival as a species is fragile. Many grizzlies have died throughout the decades at the hands of humans through poisoning, trapping, killing due to claims of defense of self or property, car accidents and natural tragedies. Yet trophy hunters clamor to kill these majestic creatures.

What these hunters fail to appreciate is the fragility of the species lies in the balance, as so much habitat has been destroyed by climate change and human intervention. These are animals who have been documented to be "thinking' animals, and "smart" often rearing their cubs more acutely to danger than some humans do their own children. Reports go so far as the famous mother bear crossing her cubs across the street just as that of a crossing guard protecting school children. These are not dumb unfeeling animals--and they have a right to be here, as they were here long before the first Americans stepped foot on this continent with aims to eradicate them.

Because these majestic animals deserve our respect--and are revered by Native Americans, we owe it to future generations of children to preserve the species and its all its diversity--to keep them "once again" from the brink of extinction. We are the stewards of God's earth -- and it's more than time we pick up the pace to protect those who would be hunted for sport--those who have no voice.

Right now the Trump Administration has Submitted its Appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals--trying to overturn the 2018 District Judge's ruling protecting the Grizzlies from decimation. Again--the Appeals is by those who advocate for the blood sport for entertainment--and those who wish to exploit the land.

2018 District Court Ruling to Protect Grizzlies:


2019 Appeal by US Dept. of Justice once again sounding the death knell for Grizzlies--arguing to "delist" Grizzlies for blood sport and land exploitation:


If you Care about preserving the Grizzlies in the lower 48, Contact your US Congressional Representative, Senators, Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, post on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Keep the eye on the prize--that is to keep the Grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem on the endangered species list, and away from human exploit. We owe it to the Next Generation of Children--to Preserve the Environment and Ecosystem--as the Current Generation of Entrusted Stewards of God's Earth & its Inhabitants.

Make your comments known to: US House of Representatives


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US Dept. of Justice responsible for Trump Administration Appeal to "delist" the grizzly bear from it's "endangered" status protections::


Original Protections Ordered by Court Now Under Appeal:


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!