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Don't let victims of crime become victims of the system. STOP this malicious litigation.

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We were caught in a devastating explosion abroad in China which severely injured and traumatised us.

For those who want to know which explosion I'm talking about this is the link to a video of the explosion. My girlfriend was blown across the room along with the door.

Due to this disaster, we could not go back to the UK as planned and I made the "friend" who was meant to be looking after our pets aware of this. Little did we know that we were to come home to find the "friend" we had entrusted our home and pets to, had taken advantage.

She had not only trashed our flat, causing circa £10000 worth of damage, but had abused and neglected our 3 month year old puppy and other pets. We had to re-home the puppy, the one thing that helped to bring a smile to my girlfriend's face during her recovery after a horrendous face, head and leg trauma. It was heartbreaking.

In the days and weeks that followed, she misled and deceived us into believing she wanted to resolve the matter between two private parties in a civil manner all the while planning different ways to get away without taking responsibility for what she had done. She got her boyfriend and friend to threaten as well as ambush us in our apartment block committing assault and battery in the process. The police were called and did nothing.

We consulted solicitiors who advised us that it would be in our best interest to just bite the bullet and pay for the damage ourselves as a lengthy litigation would be too draining both financially and emotionally. We decided to just get on with our lives and try to piece our lives back together. We tried to contact her for her to collect the belongings she had strewn in the small room within our apartment, however our calls were unanswered. When I sent a text that asked her to collect her belongings or they would be binned, she finally responded that her solicitors would be in touch.

Since that day, we have been embroiled in a lengthy litigation that has stretched on for already 6 months. In her statement of truth she has alleged she was a "tenant" within the property and that she had left over £30,000+ worth of belongings in our flat. Despite the fact we know that she has perjured herself and is defrauding us, no organisation or persons have stepped in to help us end this madness, instead we have been bounced back and forth between different organisations, and told that we just need to progress this through the judicial system.

We know that the girl in question is not paying for her legal representation, which has enabled her to pursue this frivolous/vexatious litigation with a low risk/high reward scenario. For us however, every day that this drags on, we are put in a worse financial situation. To make things worse, the girl is not a UK national, which means when this case finally makes it to the courts and a judge decides to award a judgement against her, she can just leave the country and suffer no financial or other consequences.

The judicial system is this case has been shown to be clearly broken, the girl has managed to file the claim under a false name which has no legal meaning, and has provided our address as her forwarding address. More importantly, she has not provided any substantive evidence that she even has a case, aside from stringing together some circumstantial evidence which she has used to create the illusion that she was a "tenant" within the property. This case shouldn't have ever been allowed into the judicial system let alone to have progressed this far along. However due to our solicitors firm not filing to have this case struck off, we are now stuck fighting this frivolous claim.

WHY does this petition matter to you?

By allowing this social injustice to go unanswered we are allowing the most vulnerable victims of circumstances to fall on the wayside and be targeted by opportunistic criminals. We would have been made destitute by this frivolous lawsuit if my family had not lent me money to pay our solicitors. More importantly, by allowing this girl to get away with what she has done, we are opening up our judicial system to more and more cases where foreign nationals can come into the UK, file a frivolous lawsuit under a low risk high reward scenario; if they win, they get a huge payout, if they lose they can just leave the country with no adverse consequence. This is a huge loophole in our system, where the ambulance chasing no-win no-fee solicitor firms can now turn their attention to bankrupting and making honest, hardworking people destitute. 

Words cannot describe our utter dismay and frustration at having to fight this ridiculous case instead of being able to spend time recovering from our trauma and moving on with our lives. Every organisation has failed us, we just want to put this to rest and get on with our lives. Please help us get some justice before it is too late - in a few months time she will finish her studies and can just leave the country if a judgement is made against her.




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