Stop No-Knock Warrants

Stop No-Knock Warrants

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Started by Naomi Mathew

Breonna Taylor was a black EMT who was murdered by Louisville police officers, who had entered her apartment after midnight on a no-knock search warrant. A no-knock warrant allows law enforcement to enter a property without notifying residents upon entry or identifying themselves as law enforcement. Police opened fire and killed Taylor, after her boyfriend shot one officer in the leg; the officer is expected to fully recover. Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, claims that he was acting in self-defense and feared for his life. It is important to note that the police had not even arrived in uniform. Walker's actions were in accordance with Stand Your Ground Laws, which allow one to use deadly force against intruders as a method of self-defense. Although police claimed to be investigating Jamarcus Glover (who had already been arrested) and believed that he was using her address to receive drugs, no drugs were found in the apartment. In fact, Breonna Taylor never had any criminal history.

According to the United States Department of Justice, "federal district court judges and magistrates may lawfully and constitutionally issue no-knock warrants—i.e.,
warrants authorizing officers to enter certain premises to execute a warrant without first knocking or otherwise announcing their presence" However, the Department of Justice also states that "a no-knock entry might nonetheless violate the Fourth Amendment if the officers have actual knowledge that the circumstances that justified the no-knock authorization no longer exist at the time the warrant is executed." This raises questions as to whether officers were justified in entering the apartment, considering the fact that the main suspect had already been arrested.

Breonna Taylor is one of many civilians who have been killed by law enforcement in no-knock raids. According to the Los Angeles Times, one no-knock raid in Georgia put a toddler in a coma. The allowance of such warrants has clearly resulted in the use of excessive force against civilians in the safety of their own homes, especially black people, who are unfairly targeted by law enforcement. These are cruel acts of racism, not justice!

This petition is calling for the ABOLISHMENT OF NO-KNOCK SEARCH WARRANTS!

In light of recent horrific acts of police brutality against black people, such as the murder of Breonna Taylor, as well as the murder of George Floyd, we must make changes to our legal system and law enforcement in order to promote the safety and well-being of all people, regardless of race. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

22,707 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!