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Request the Department of Justice Obtain an Injunction Against Electoral College

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On December 19, 2016, the Electors of the Electoral College will cast their ballots to determine who will become president of the United States.

Because there is significant cause (more fully described below*) to suspect this recent presidential election was illegally subverted, either singly or in collusion, by one or more individuals, federal agencies, political parties, candidates, foreign or domestic interests, the petitioners hereby respectfully request an injunction against the Electors of the Electoral College barring them from affirming any presidential candidate until after a full and impartial investigation, conducted in a transparent, non-partisan, professional way, assures the court and the American people that no illegal actions designed to subvert the national election conducted this past November 8th, 2016 succeeded in their intended illegal purpose.

Petitioners believe this injunction and subsequent investigation are in the best interests of the nation. They believe such injunction is necessary to preserve the confidence of the American people in the integrity of the American election process, give legitimacy to the next president of the United States (and cast all aspersion or doubt as to that legitimacy), and strengthen the citizens’ faith in the due process of law. Further, petitioners believe this action will demonstrate to our allies and any hostile interests that this nation will not tolerate interference in its democratic processes and will do all in its power to ferret out criminal activity intended to manipulate, intimidate, suborn or in any way fraudulently impact the American electoral process.

*Note: This petition is predicated solely on a reasonable examination and belief in the integrity of numerous statements that have been publicly made alleging that it is a very real possibility that the election could have been illegally manipulated by a foreign nation and foreign corporation (Wikileaks) known to be hostile to this nation’s interests. These statements have been publicly reported (after professional, credible internal vetting as to their accuracy) by a significant number of the nation's largest and most credible news sources (in print, online, and on television, cable and radio news), such as, but not limited to: The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, Huffington Post, Forbes, Bloomberg, and employees of MSNBC, CNN, CBS, and NPR. Moreover, the candidates themselves and their closest surrogates, as well as currently elected and serving officials, have told the citizens of this country that there is a strong possibility the election was being tampered with by forces hostile to this country.

However, all of the above sources notwithstanding, we offer as additional proof of possible foul play, Mr. Trump’s own statements. The Republican candidate repeatedly stated in unequivocal terms to the American people (and world at large) that this election was either going to “be rigged” or in fact was “was rigged” (evidence to this is in the public domain and easily verified).

Therefore, the candidate who now appears to hold the most Electoral votes has repeatedly called into question the integrity of his own election and this certainly gives the American voters serious cause to doubt the legitimacy of the election and, therefore, the legitimacy of his presidency unless otherwise thoroughly proven otherwise.

This petition has been drafted in her own words by the Rev. Maureen G. Ausbrook. It has been drafted free of outside influence or any coercion. It represents, within the limits of reasonable possibility, what she has personally witnessed throughout the course of the election campaign. Having drafted this document she will put it online and attempt to obtain a minimum of 10,000 signatures from duly registered voters.

She respectfully requests the DOJ and any federal court judge to recognize she is not an attorney and she requests that any errors in the drafting of this document be treated fairly with full understanding that she is not an attorney and she begs the DOJ and court to not find any clerical error or lack of legal wording to be cause for dismissal.

She submits this document online November 12, 2016, with herself as petitioner and on behalf of all other people who subsequently sign and make themselves additional petitioners.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Rev Maureen G. Ausbrook
Kennebunk, ME


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