Protect Woman & Children From Violent Partners

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So many women become victims of domestic violence and feel they cannot get out. They have children together or do not have the financial ability to leave. Abuse goes so far beyond the fists. Women are subjected to verbal abuse, psychological abuse, physical abuse as well as financial abuse. It is so hard to get out. Often times once a woman finally does find a way out and files for divorce they find themselves victimized all over again in a family court room. Father's rights are being pushed today in family law courtrooms and domestic violence towards their wives isn't enough deterrent to remove visitation rights with the children's fathers. 

I know the paralyzing fear that occurs when confronting your abuser. It is overwhelming. You are just grateful to have made it out with yours and your children's lives and then to be forced to confront your abuser repeatedly for visitation is unbearable. It is also common that abusive men use this as a tool to continue to control and dominate their women. We need to speak out and say - violence against women is completely unacceptable. You do not get to abuse your partner and then still have rights to your children. Violence is unacceptable and the chain must be broken.